What our clients say

Our clients make our day. Words of appreciation and inspiration keeps us delivering on our promise to find the best match between job seekers and clients. Here's what some of our top clients have to say about working with us

Venkat Mallik

  It's been a refreshingly pleasant experience where we have been able to close positions very quickly. This is because Whizz HR understands the requirement, gets what's needed and is able to bring back profiles that match requirements very closely. Very effective. 

Venkat Mallik is the Co-Founder of Tidal 7. He was earlier President - TribalDDB

Katik Mani

 "We have had a fabulous experience working with Whizz HR. They are a thoroughly professional set up that works tirelessly  to help you find the right fit for your organisation. Unlike  most recruitment firms, I found that they understood our culture far better and recommended talent accordingly." 

Kartik Mani is the Founder & Chief Insurgent of Merry Men. He was earlier NCD - Madison 

Kinnari Gala

We are associated with Whizz HR since  a while and intend to continue this for years to come. They are professional yet friendly enough to understand your requirements, thus having a very strong filtering process. They have a brilliant turnaround time without compromising on quality.  Strong follow-up is their key quality & they believe in end-to-end execution. We are extremely happy with their service and surely refer them to our contact sphere. 

Kinnari Gala is the Founder at Thin-i

Aditya Nair

 Whizz HR you get a Military General and a Doctor all rolled into one. They are precise, careful and extremely effective in finding you the perfect candidate to suit the job profile you need filled. You never feel like someone is scrolling through a job site and sending you CVs at random. Every candidate is vetted beforehand. Most importantly, you will very quickly come to trust her judgment about candidates. 
Feel free to change it around. Run it past me once if you do.  

Aditya Nair is the Director Creative Strategy at BriefKase Digital Communications

Sabyasachi Mitter

Sairose, the founder of Whizz HR has been instrumental in building the HR and Recruitment practice at ibs from 2011 till recently.  What’s sets them apart is the sheer passion to get the right candidate in the shortest possible time, made possible due to the amazing network of professionals they has painstakingly build over the last five years. I dare say there would be no one in advertising in India that is already not on their contact list and that’s why I would recommend that you can blindly  trust them with your mandates. 

Sabyasachi Mitter - Managing Director at ibs

Harsh Maur

 I have worked with many hiring firms in the past but I have never found someone like WhizzHR, They are very prompt, enthusiastic and work closely with the companies to make sure that they find the right candidate. Even the quality of candidates is top notch! WhizzHR is my first choice for any hiring needs now.  

Co-Founder & CTO - GPA Group

Pranavi Jha

 Whizz HR, Sairose has been handling one of our critical positions in marketing. Her response has always been prompt. She takes time to understand the position before sending suitable candidates. Her attempt is to get the right fit in the smallest possible time and her commitment is unquestionable. 

Head - HR

 BrewCrafts Microbrewing Pvt. Ltd. (Doolally) 

Navin Kansal

The rigour shown in understanding hiring requirements, sharing profiles that fit the bill across geographies, vetting the profiles, consistent follow up with candidates and the agency, empathetic towards urgent needs, responsiveness shown beyond office hours and on weekends and overall Sairose's cheerful spirit which cascades to her team, makes Whizz HR a complete package, akin to an extended arm of the agency. Full power to her and then some.

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

21N78E Creative labs