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Whizz HR is People's company, founded by Sairose Mosani in the year 2017. Since then we've been whizzing for everyone's best interest. At Whizz HR, we help companies screen through the bidding applications & find the right fit for the candidates.

We understand modern day business. We want to set an incredibly high bar of talent acquisition, where both the employer & employee benefit in a healthy spirit. We aspire to be your business partner, delivering the best talent that aligns well with the success of the organisation.

We realise that it's a long term investment for the corporates & a life-time career for the aspirants. It is our mission to create a talent ecosystem, pooling in the right resources, talent, opportunities at the right place & the right time.

And... behind every successful recruitment is a team of equally talented recruiters! So, are you talented to trust our talents? You are just a whizz away!